Attending Man Up Philly is a great way to get energized and meet other men who are working to live their faith and lead their families by example.  There are a number of ways to carry that energy through the rest of the year.  Each of the resources listed below is a great way to grow your faith and build your relationship with God.

Gospel Reflection Groups

Man Up Philly was started to share the benefits of attending a gospel reflection group and helping grow the number of these groups so they are close to everyone.  You can find a gospel reflection group in your area here.  This resource is provided by Stewardship: A Mission of Faith.  If you don’t find a gospel reflection group close to you, check out Stewardship’s website, and they will help you start one in your area.

Daily Scripture Readings – 15 Minutes a Day

Many of us have found that reading scripture every day is a fantastic way to grow your faith.  If you’re not comfortable going to a gospel reflection group, then try the readings from daily Mass and a Reflection on them.   A Reflection or Mediation is a published guide to help us understand the readings you just reviewed.  If you have ever listened to a reading and had difficulty understanding or applying it to you, then you will really like these Reflection choices.

The Readings and Reflections take only 15 minutes a day and the resources below make it super easy to do it.  For example, you can have the readings and reflections emailed to you or can visit the websites daily.   Even if you do this one day a week, you will experience a change.

Word Among Us – The Word Among Us website publishes a free daily mediation here.  You can also subscribe to receive this monthly.  They offer several editions of The Word Among Us—including a Kindle Edition. Anyone who subscribes to either print edition of The Word Among Us also receives the Web Edition—absolutely free!

United States Conference of Catholic BishopsDaily Readings Site.  At the bottom of the page, you can subscribe to have the readings emailed to you every morning.  They also have audio and video recordings of the readings and reflections available.

Gus Lloyd – Gus Lloyd is the host of Seize the Day, the morning radio show on Sirius XM’s The Catholic Channel.  He publishes his 60-second reflection every day which you can find right here.

Word on Fire Podcast – Bishop Barron publishes a weekly podcast of his homily and reflection on each Sunday’s readings.  You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes or search for Word on Fire Sermons on your favorite podcast app.


Retreats are a great way to learn and grow in your faith.

Malvern Retreat House serves the spiritual needs of men, women, teens, families, married couples, religious and clergy, caregivers, people in recovery, and many special needs groups.  It is the oldest and largest Catholic retreat house in the U.S., accommodating up to 400 overnight guests with private rooms, delicious meals, and guidance in spiritual reflection.  You can find information on upcoming retreats here.

Catholic Groups

Knights of Columbus – Guided by the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity, members of the Knights of Columbus work to overcome the hardships that people face in their parishes and communities. Joining your local council of the Knights of Columbus can change your life. As a Knight, you have the opportunity to strengthen your parish, give back to your community, and grow in your faith.  To learn more visit here.